Certificate Course

The Italian language has a worldwide acceptance and hence students across the world are quite interested to learn this language.

For all the aspirants who is looking forward to becoming proficient in the Italian language, STUDIAMO is the best place to learn Italian for them. Among top Italian language institutes in Delhi-NCR, ESTUDIAMO has been the most popular institute for the Italian language in Delhi-NCR. The institute offers the best professional courses in the Italian language to accomplish the dream of students who want to settle in other countries on the look for a career in the sector of the Italian language.  The experienced trainers help students during the entire course. STUDIAMO ensures to provide the curriculum that guides well to every Italian language learner.

Top academicians having a profound knowledge of the Italian language are associated to our reputed institute. We are proud to announce that STUDIAMO offers the best Italian language courses in Delhi-NCR. The Italian language courses offered by STUDIAMO cover all the required elements to qualify for world-accredited examination-

Italian Language Beginner Course Is Divided Into The Following Levels:

 A1 Beginner Level Course

The Italian language course starts with the beginners’ level- A1 at STUDIAMO. The course teaches students to learn basic sentences and common words in Italian. At the beginner’s level, students will learn to answer about their personal details and can communicate with Italian native persons slowly but clearly. This level is your first step to learn the Italian language.

A2 Elementary Course

A2 is the elementary level where students start learning about the construction of sentences and commonly used expressions. At this level, every student starts understanding how to communicate with native Italian speakers.

Things Covered

Course Element

Once you take admission to STUDIAMO, you get details about the course contents. The course covers the areas mentioned below.

  • Present Indefinite, Continuous and Perfect tenses
  • Imperative, Positive and negative sentence framing.
  • Use of articles, prepositions, verbs and adjectives.
  • Speaking, writing and listening classes.
  • Training on intonation and expressions.

Last but not least, our trained professionals will guide every student about the spheres where you can use the Italian language for your career growth.

Beneficial For

The level of A1 and A2 courses are the best for the students who have never learnt of Italian language. Aspirants after completion of their 10+2 degree, can join this course while they are pursuing for graduation. We are glad to inform you that many of our students who have completed the A1 and A2 levels with STUDIAMO have already got high-paid jobs in big companies.

Exam Pattern:- 1st Exam(Grammar:100 Marks), 2nd Exam( Written Expression:100 Marks), 3rd Exam (Oral:100 Marks)+ 50 Marks of Class performance.
Classes Format:- 120 Minutes class and 4 days a week (Classes are also available on weekends for working professionals)
Course Highlights 
  • Sufficient opportunities for practicing reading, writing and spoken.
  • Advanced translation
  • Flexible Timetable
  • Courses come with real-time corporate Training

In this era, getting the right job is not an easy task and having proficiency in any foreign language is always enhances the skills of the students to get the dream job. If you learn any foreign language with perfection, it is evident that it is easy to get a high-paid job in this competitive market.

So, if you have decided to expertise in the Italian language, register your name with STUDIAMO institute today and lets your dream comes true because success starts from here.